Wire is one of the most used raw materials in industries, since it is part of many parts used in the manufacture of materials such as cables, wire mesh, springs , metal mesh, fences, construction materials, medical equipment, furniture, etc. industrial machinery, among others. As the uses of wire are so varied, processes are required that guarantee its useful life, resistance and quality.

Being a very flexible and moldable element, it is usually used to manufacture wire shapes through a drawing process through a plate or die, applying different types of force based on the shape or piece that is to be formed, for example by techniques bending, punching, stamping, chamfering, stretching, etc.

In addition to the technique and the applied force, secondary operations such as cutting, punching, bending, sealing, coining, among others, can be carried out in the process to obtain the desired wire shape, which is also preserved together with the properties of resistance and duration of the wire.

Some of the most frequent forms of wire are: clips, springs, pins, hooks, racks, cables, meshes, bars, car parts, toys, among others that can be in triangular, square, hexagonal, oval, elliptical shapes, etc. D and more.

The forms of wire and springs have applications of great importance in the industry, so their manufacturing process is carried out with specialized machinery, such as the one we have at Vanel Tech, to work with the wire without damaging or breaking it, automating the work to obtain as many pieces as necessary, according to the requirements of the industries.

As you may have seen, wire shapes have countless uses, applications, shapes and sizes, from small toy components or kitchen parts, to the most sophisticated industrial machine systems; sometimes they are even used to replace other components and reduce raw material acquisition costs.

For all of the above, it is necessary to have an expert supplier, who manufactures the wire forms based on the requirements of the industry or factory, complies with the delivery times and the regulations of the sector. At Vanel Tech we are manufacturers and distributors of springs and wire shapes of the highest quality, with a long history and recommendations from our clients, we guarantee the quality of each product.

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