Non-slip cloth, also known as dense cloth or cipher cloth, is soft and waterproof, flame retardant and soundproof, with high toughness and tear resistance, strong anti-slip effect, mildew-proof and moisture-proof, and anti-wrinkle and slippage.

The PVC foam contains a tear-proof fiber layer, and the double-layer foam + mesh fiber greatly increases the tensile strength.

Non-slip cloth

The colors are colorful, elegant and beautiful, soft and comfortable, light and durable.

Good elasticity, good anti-slip effect, easy to cut, easy to replace, easy to clean.

Water absorption and dust absorption, strong adsorption, mildew, shockproof, sound insulation, and heat insulation.

No dust, non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly.

The product is made of natural environmental protection material PVC+polyester mesh cloth and foamed at high temperature, which is a non-adhesive and non-slip cloth. Non-toxic, tasteless, antibacterial, and environmentally friendly.

The components of the point plastic cloth:

The plastic dot cloth is composed of plastic dots and cloth. The plastic drop is a kind of craft, and together it is to drop the plastic on the cloth. Its purpose is generally to play a non-slip effect, and sometimes it also plays a beautiful role. It is mainly used in household slippers, car mats, yoga towels, golf gloves, mattresses, and other products that require anti-skid.

The plastic dripping cloth is based on the cloth. The plastic dripping can be dripped into some beautiful patterns or some points at a certain distance. These points are very important on the plastic dripping cloth. The anti-slip is mainly because of this little presence. The dots on the plastic drop cloth are not as smooth as ordinary plastic cloth, but as soft as cooked glue, and there are certain gaps in the middle, which are helpful for anti-slip. And these dots on the plastic drop cloth are not only beautiful but also have a certain massage effect, which is a good anti-slip product.

Plastic cloth is used more and more in our daily life. The carpets under our feet, the blankets we use in the car, the slippers we wear at home, and the mats for yoga can be seen in almost all kinds of anti-skid products. The figure of cloth, yes, is such a popularization that people cannot resist.

Three advantages of silicone non-slip cloth:

1. The anti-skid effect is unparalleled, more than 3 times that of ordinary anti-skid cloth; the glue point is soft and the anti-skid performance is excellent.

2. The environmental protection level is high, reaching the baby level (silicone is widely used in female breast augmentation, baby pacifiers, etc., which shows its environmental protection level).

3. Its appearance is beautiful and generous, and the rubber particles are crystal clear. It is suitable for high-end car seat cushions, sofa cushions, etc.

 Non-slip cloth,


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