Light bulb camera


Panoramic home bulb camera wifi connects to remote viewing panoramic 3D two-way voice intercom intelligent monitoring. Is a panoramic home camera machine as one of intelligent monitoring and home sharing.


Family members see Gu- -through the mobile terminal to show the panorama of the home, you can personally see the old family at home, put yourself in the shoes of the home things.

Security alert- -You can turn on the alarm function when there is no one at home. If there is an abnormal sound, you will push the panoramic alarm pictures to your mobile phone through the cloud.


The panoramic camera uses a 185 fisheye lens, and the mobile APP can provide 3D perspective display, creating an immersive panoramic interactive experience. There are also many colors to choose from.


It's safer to stay at home

One of the major problems facing home surveillance cameras on the market is that they are not safe enough. After entering the room, the first thing is often to find the camera and destroy it, and this panoramic light bulb camera does not have this problem, after all, how many thieves will smash the light bulb as soon as they enter the door? At the same time, when the mobile target appears in the monitoring area, the monitoring area will send you an alert for the abnormal situation in the first time, and your mother will no longer have to worry about no one at home to see the home.


One key remote, not only to see but also to speak

Smart WIFI high-speed connection, support 4 preview mode of remote mobile phone monitoring, but also can be mobile phone control LED lighting (switch and brightness), lazy welfare ah! Plus 1.3 megapixel HD picture quality to give you a super powerful video experience. At the same time, the pure two-way voice intercom function can not only interact with the family (save the phone fee oh ~), the critical moment can more deter the "uninvited guests" at home, so that it falls out and escape!


360 Large scale, one machine is stronger than six machines

Traditional surveillance cameras due to their own limited monitoring scope, users want to see the panorama of the home often have to install multiple cameras in different places, which not only destroys the original decoration style of the home, but also damages a lot of human and financial resources, the gain outweighs the loss! This "light bulb" of Dongfeng Dongsheng has a fisheye lens, which can cover the scene without blind spot. Through seamless synthesis of multiple pictures into panoramic pictures, the effect is exquisite, crush the traditional camera without pressure.


Zero wiring, more convenient installation

Since it is a "light bulb", certainly the installation method is as simple as a light bulb! Is it easier to wiring, light lights, plug and play, easily at home than that?