This section uses the data collection module as an example to describe the data collection of air temperature, humidity, and illuminance. In actual applications, you can replace the sensor based on the data collection parameters. Temperature sensor. The programmable single-bus digital temperature sensor DS18820 from Dallas Company is used to acquire air temperature signal. The sensor is small in size and looks like an ordinary transistor. The internal temperature sensor and logic control circuit are integrated. DSl8820 has many advantages, such as: direct output digital signal, without the subsequent signal amplification and analog/digital conversion part; Simple peripheral circuit, low cost; Single bus interface, only one signal line is connected to the CPU as a single bus, and each has its own unique 64-bit serial number stored in its internal ROM memory, so a signal line can be connected to multiple DSl8820, convenient for multi-point measurement and easy to expand. Humidity sensor. HSll01 capacitive relative humidity sensor from Humirel of France was used. This sensor is compared with other products. It has significant advantages: complete interchangeability without calibration, high reliability and long-term stability, fast response time, suitable for both linear voltage output and frequency output circuits; The frequency output circuit is selected in the module, and the stable frequency signal is output by CMOS TLC555 oscillator, which can be converted into humidity value after collection by SCM.

ET-RXB-11 RF Modulator Module RXB11


  • $ 1.55 == Quantity: 10~100 Piece
  • $ 1.45 == Quantity: 1000 Piece
  • $ 1.40 == Quantity: 5000 Piece

Key Feature

Modulation Mode : ASK / OOK

Operating Frequency : 433.92 Mhz

Operating Voltage : 3.3~5.5 V

Operating Current : 3.8~4.1 mA

Data Rate : 2.4 Kbps

Sensitivity : -107 dbm

Operating Temperature : -30~+85 ℃

Working Distance : 300 m

Dimension : 43*11*5 mm


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