The acquisition module can monitor parameters. When one or more parameters are abnormal, the processor calls the alarm program to send alarm information through the wireless transceiver module. By keeping the processor in idle mode and the transceiver module in standby state, the power consumption of the module is effectively reduced. The collection unit collects the parameter information at a specified time for storage and forwarding. For the whole acquisition system, the upper computer can send instructions through the wireless module to realize real-time data observation. This paper only deals with a single acquisition module. This module unit has strong portable ability. By changing the type of sensor in the measurement unit, it can be applied to industrial data acquisition, wireless meter reading, intelligent home appliances and other fields.

ET-RXB-12 RX Receiver Module RXB12


  • $ 1.50 == Quantity: 10~100 Piece
  • $ 1.40 == Quantity: 1000 Piece
  • $ 1.35 == Quantity: 5000 Piece

Key Feature

Modulation Mode : ASK / OOK

Operating Frequency : 433.92 / 315 Mhz

Operating Voltage : 3.3~5.5 V

Operating Current : 2.5~4.1 mA

Data Rate : 2.4 Kbps

Sensitivity : -107 dbm

Operating Temperature : -30~+85 ℃

Working Distance : 300 m

Dimension : 30*8.5*5 mm


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