Jane's third novel 'Mansfield Park' was written between 1811 and 1813 and published in 1814. This was Jane Austen's most complex novel and follows the heroine Fanny Price who is a poverty-stricken cousin brought up by her rich Bertram relations. The story deals with many different themes, from the education of children, to the differences between appearances and reality. After a number of tragedies and scandals there is a happy outcome for season 2 sanditon as she eventually marries her cousin Edmund.

'Emma' was written by Jane when she was thirty nine years old. It was written in 1814-15 and published anonymously in 1815. The novel is about the perils of misconstrued romance. Sadly Jane died just 18 months after this novel was published and it earned her a lot more after her death. This novel was another that went on to become film, television and stage adaptations.

'Persuasion' was written during her last months before she died in 1817. It was published by her brother after her death. Like her other novels the stories and characters are focused on middle-class provincial life with humour and understanding.

Her final book 'Sanditon' was left unfinished as she died aged forty two on July 18 in 1817 in Winchester. Today her body lies buried in Winchester Cathedral which according to her sister was a building she admired very much.