Designed with swiveling ear cups and foldable headband, Mpow H10 wireless headphones can be easily and compactly stored in its supplied carrying pouch.

Deep rich bass, uninterrupted sonic experience, zero connection failure, free from recurring charges for batteries. You want all of these blended with the classic style? Wired headphones and earphones will let you own all of them. Brands are strewed all across the market to offer you a solution but the right proportion in the right format is only offered by few.

If you are an audiophile or a music lover who loves precision and lifelike quality, you must check branded range of audiophile earphones. Attributed with lightning-fast transient response, precise tonal/timbral lucidity and a vast concert like feel, one will forget that they're even wearing headphones/earphones as the music is cascaded pure and neat.

Whether it's a bus, h10 wireless or a two wheeler, the most imperative feature of travel listening is filtering your music from the outside noise. You wouldn't be able to overcome the outside chaos and noise by simply increasing the volume of your music rather it requires an effective sound isolation. The best is offered by the noise cancelling technology. Some good brands provides up to 90% active noise cancellation and as a natural consequence excels in filtering out constant rumbling sounds and other forms of low pitched sounds.

For all the sports lovers out there who want to immerse themselves into good music can pick up the best headphone or earphone which is sweat and water-resistant. These are super stylish headphones/earphones which are protected from damage. So gear up for a healthy mind, body and soul by simply plugging in these headphones/earphones and you are ready to go! You can actually enjoy your music even while walking in the rain. You can get these kinds of headphones online in India. Some of them are also punctuated with high-quality dynamic speaker systems which provide high passive attenuation of ambient noise. These are specifically optimised for CD, iPhone, iPad, MP3 players and portable gaming systems; it opens up a plethora of listening options for you.