We know that your favourite cold beverage tastes best when it's ice cold, but nobody wants to drink warm beer. Find and compare your favourite beers at St Arnaud Liquor Stores!

Keeping your beer fresh and drinkable can be difficult, but with these five simple tips, you'll have no problem maintaining the quality of your homebrew. So without further ado, here are five tips to keep your beer fresh and drinkable!

 1) Don't use your fridge

Bulk-buy in large quantities. Bring your own food because the pub grub may not be what you're looking for. Lastly, if you do buy beer from a liquor store like Liquor Store St Arnaud, make sure you drink it quickly. 

Unlike at home, where your fridge will maintain a cool temperature throughout the day, a liquor store fridge may only stay cold for up to five hours before becoming stale and tepid— meaning that some of the flavours get lost as it warms up!



 2) Store in a dark place

Whether you are storing your homebrew in a liquor store at st Arnaud, a fridge, or even the freezer, be sure it is kept in the dark. Heat and light are the biggest enemies of beer, so do not leave it sitting out or uncovered.

When storing your beers in the refrigerator or freezer, make sure they are wrapped up tight with plastic wrap or aluminium foil to avoid picking up flavours from other foods. Make sure you date your beer as well, so you know when it was made, as each year is different for flavour consistency.

 3) Chill Out

Here are a few ways you can help keep your beer fresh and drinkable: Buy in bulk; make sure it's in airtight containers; use plenty of ice packs; refrigerate after opening; never allow light to hit the bottle; never warm up beer before drinking. 

Another good idea is to pick up your liquor at Liquor Store St Arnaud, where they'll be offering a range of liquor throughout the store. So, there's no better time than now to pick up some new brews!

 4) Give it time

Take it off the shelf. If you've had your beer for a while and you need something refreshing, reach for a new can or bottle. The last thing you want is a cloudy beer with tons of sediment at the bottom because all that dust is just going to give you more reason to complain about not being able to enjoy this old friend of yours. 

Give it some air before drinking. You might think that opening up a bottle will give it less time on shelf life but really, letting that carbonation escape allows the beer inside to stay fresh instead of risking bursting or exploding while in your fridge if your seal was too tight or without enough headspace. Watch how much light gets into your fridge.

 5) Try another beer

The reason the taste of beer will change is that it is actually evolving. Think about a bottle of wine or spirit: they age, they change in flavour. Well, with beers, this happens too. Carbonation will either die down or foam up after being unsealed from the cork. 

The foam can make your beer easier to smell, and carbonation can increase the hop presence you feel on your tongue, which in turn can result in more bitter tastes since hops are present for bitterness as well as for flavour and aroma.

Source: How to Keep Your Beer Fresh and Drinkable - 5 Tips to Follow!