Compared to women, men are more reactive to visual cues and experience sexual desire more often. Unlike men, women do not get turned on easily and are usually not that much responsive to visual cues. This is the reason why female sexuality differs from that of males in several different ways. A female takes a comparatively longer time to attain a state of complete sexual arousal. A female’s sex desire is at its peak just before ovulation which usually results due to hormonal fluctuations. The reason that men have higher sex drive than women is because of higher levels of testosterone which is also termed a male sex hormone.

During the stage of menopause, it becomes quite difficult for females to have the same intensity of sexual desire they used to have during their fertile years. Moreover, some women might get attracted to men right away while some prefer an emotional and mental connection before getting intimate.

Symptoms Of Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

The most common symptoms of sexual dysfunction among females are a lack of interest in sex and a willingness to indulge in sexual activity. Other symptoms include an inability to achieve an orgasm and dyspareunia which is the pain experienced during penetrative sex. Filagra Pink 100mg serves as a perfect remedial solution against all these sexual problems. Its clinically proven formula target sexual performance and helps improve sexual function.  

Desire For Sexual Intimacy In Females

Sex drive or desire is also known as libido. It is a common attribute of reproduction. Females tend to experience constant changes in their sexual responsiveness oftentimes. They stay sexually receptive in the physiological sense throughout the menstrual cycle, with cyclical variations. Hence, every woman has a different sex drive that is normal to them, and several factors can be responsible for either increasing or decreasing it.  

The sex drive of females keeps fluctuating at several peak events within their lifetime. This can happen for a short duration in events like after pregnancy or childbirth, relationship strains, tough times, or stressful events. Moreover, various other factors including hormonal imbalance, menopause, and mental health issues can also cause a decrease in the desire to have sex. High sex drive is an indication of a healthy sexual function and sometimes it suddenly gets boosted due to several reasons such as hormonal fluctuations, aging, adolescent period, intense workout or exercise, healthy sexual relationship, alteration of medication, or if you are in a calm and relaxed state.

Difference Between Female And Male Sexual Desire

The primary difference between the sex drive of males and females is the levels of testosterone. A female body produces small amounts of testosterone which along with estrogen helps with the growth, maintenance, and repair of a woman’s reproductive tissues, bone mass, and organs.  Moreover, levels of hormones in the body keep changing for people of all sexes with an increase in their age. A Female body undergoes dramatic changes in hormone levels throughout their life, but once they reach menopause it rapidly starts falling.  

How does FSD Affect Relationships?

Female sexual problems due to lack of desire can lead to relationship conflicts especially when one partner desires more sex than the other. This phenomenon of difference in desires is termed desire discrepancy. Several other factors such as the inability to achieve orgasm and dyspareunia can be equally disruptive in nature. However, medication like Filagra Pink 100mg helps women suffering due to FSD to experience an increased sexual desire as it enhances the flow of blood to the female reproductive organs which leads to arousal. Filagra Pink 100mg isspecifically designed for those ladies who have already hit menopause and have problems with vaginal dryness. It can also help alleviate the pain felt during sexual intercourse.