Every celebration requires beer as a beverage. We enjoy beer, so we can enjoy it with pizza, tandoori tikkas, burgers, or even just by itself at a party. 

A cold beer can help us forget our worries and make your issues seem unimportant. Every celebration in pubs, breweries, clubs, and homes around the world includes beer. 

There are countless choices, and each delivery service for liquor stores makes the claim to be the best available at Liquor Store Moorabbin. 

And how about a pint of the frothy delight to enjoy? You must at least try one of the top beer brands hand-selected and expertly curated list.

1) Victoria Bitter 

A classic and versatile beer at Liquor Store Moorabbin, Victoria Bitter has a dry and hoppy flavour that is reminiscent of an IPA. It pairs well with Chinese food or an Italian pasta dish. 

To savour it, pour into a glass and allow to settle for 20 seconds before taking your first sip. The palate can be described as light with malty overtones. 

The finish is crisp, refreshing and clean with hints of fruit flavours and just enough bitterness to keep you coming back for more!

2) Carlton Draught

This deep, rich red ale has a high malt content and is quite heavy on the palate. The taste is roasted barley and caramel with a hint of fruitiness. Liquor Store Moorabbin has an extensive selection of beers, including Carlton Draught. 

They also have plenty of other varieties to choose from in order to find the perfect beer for your tastes! If you want to try something new and unusual, their Share the Love menu includes some unique craft beers that are only available through February. 

Those who enjoy porters or stouts have a number of different types such as Stone & Wood's Pacific Ale or Queensland Brewery's Blackstone Porter - both well worth trying!

Carlton Draught

3) Coopers

Deep and rich, full of flavour. The aroma is evident with a toasty barley malt background. A well balanced maltiness up front with a nutty, biscuit aftertaste.  

There's a slight hoppy note which balances out the sweetness from the grain bill. If you want something that tastes like beer, this isn't it but if you want something that has layers of depth and complexity, then this is for you. 

Enjoy Coopers on its own or with a fine cheese platter. Lindeman's Red: All in all, it’s crisp and refreshing – perfect for day drinking on hot summer days. It pairs nicely with seafood such as crab cakes, oysters, and some good company!

4) Bundaberg

Bundaberg Rum is an Australian distillery founded in 1875. Though they're a rum distillery, they also produce Bundaberg Ginger Beer, one of my favorites.

One of their most popular products is their Queensland Rum & Ginger beer, with one of Australia's iconic wildlife creatures on the label - the koala. 

The Bottle Shop Moorabbin has plenty of other options for whiskeys too, from Scotch to Irish whiskey and more.  

5) XXXX Gold Lager Can

Brewed in Richmond and sold nationally, XXXX Gold Lager is a perfect low alcohol beer for social occasions. Just because it's a light beer doesn't mean it can't be well made. 

With a quality malt character, mild hops and clean lager finish, this is one of the best low alcohol beers available on tap today. Head to your local liquor store or order online today.


Source: 5 Must-Try Beers Next Time You're At The Liquor Store