Dogs sometimes develop fatal diseases like cancer, arthritis and kidney stones. It is important to get them treated on time and take the essential precautions to help them recover. We usually feed our dogs a protein rich diet so they grow up healthy but this protein rich diet may cause serious health conditions in some cases. Let’s learn why you should not always use a protein rich diet and what diseases can be controlled by providing your dog a low-protein diet.  

Association of American Feed Control Officials suggests that an adult dog food must contain at least 18% protein content. Most canned food for dogs is rich in proteins and they contain at least 25% protein content, however, when it comes to a low protein diet due to some medical issue you should avoid the normal food you get from markets. It is as important as getting an esa letter for your pet.

Your dog may develop several medical conditions like liver disease and kidney stone that will require it to decrease the protein content in its food.  Because once these organs are infected by a medical issue they cannot function normally. Low protein diet decreases the workload of these organs and helps your dogs live a normal and happy life.

Since the kidney and liver diet are fatal similar to the human organs, your dog must adapt to the low protein food and it will become its permanent meal.

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Some dogs with kidney issues also develop protein-losing nephropathy that causes extreme renal failure. Food low in protein limits the loss of the protein by kidney and helps your dog to prevent further diseases.

Kidney and liver diseases are the common medical conditions that we have observed most of the dogs develop. Other less common conditions include the Urate bladder stone can also be cured by switching your dog’s diet to a low protein diet. This disease is reported in almost 6% of the total population of dogs and low-protein dog food helps the bladder to remove the stones by dissolving them.  Once the stones are removed and your vet confirms that the dog is normal your dog can go back to normal food. So in this case the diet is not permanent. But before all this you need to have an emotional support animal letter.

Low protein diet is not always a good option for your dog unless it is not prescribed by an expert or a vet. Because, an extremely poor diet may deteriorate your dog’s health and worsen the disease. Also, do not try to prepare a low protein diet on your own. You may get your help from an expert or vet who knows exactly how to prepare a low protein diet at home. It is difficult to calculate the exact amount of the protein and to prepare a perfect low protein food.

You can get low protein food from a market nearby if you have your vet’s prescription. There are some best dry dog food brands who offer low protein diets for dogs with terminal diseases like kidney stone. You should always go for a simple option like this instead of preparing the food yourself. You cannot just put your pet’s life on risk. 

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Even when your dog is on the low protein diet its results are assessed through regular blood tests and other procedures. Sometimes you might pick a poor quality low protein diet which does not show positive effects at all. To ensure that the diet would show the results instantly you must consult your vet because most of the time they are familiar with the brands that provide the quality food and can suggest the best diet for your dog.

Taking a low protein diet will deteriorate your dog’s weight and overall health. You should make sure that the dog is not inappropriately losing weight or becoming extremely weak. In such cases, your vet will instantly prescribe you an alternative or a supplement.

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