Studying medicine in Russia is very easy for a common student because any student from all over the world can directly take MBBS admission without any entrance exam. MBBS fee in Russia is very low because the Russian government subsidizes education. The average MBBS fee in Russia is 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh per annum. All Russian medical universities are listed with WHO and MCI, so a student who obtains an MBBS degree in Russia can practice anywhere in the world, including India. Students from all over the world go to Russia to study MBBS and all the medical universities provide quality medical education and practical knowledge. Students get a fully furnished accommodation facility with fresh and quality food within the university campus. MBBS students can get scholarships if they fulfil the scholarship criteria. All MBBS students in Russia get medical insurance for all courses and get full medical treatment when they need it. Students get to practice for MCI screening tests during medical courses and professors are familiar with MCI screening tests. Medical courses are taught in English and Russian, MBBS students are also trained to learn Russian because by learning Russian a student can communicate with patients in the hospital during medical training.

Although medical education in some universities is in English, the majority of people in Russia do not speak Russian. So you should learn Russian.

One of the biggest factors behind the popularity of studying MBBS in Russia among Indians is the cost of medical education. Russia offers you the facility of excellent medical education at a low cost. Unlike private medical colleges in India, students can study MBBS in Russia at a low cost of 2.5-3 lakhs per annum, which is a great return on investment.