Online Reputation Management better known as ORM, is an inseparable part of a Digital Marketing strategy. It won’t be wrong to say that the latter is incomplete without the former.

  • ORM-Reviews Management: Establishing the relationship

Talking about ORM, reviews management forms a critical aspect that needs to be handled with care and expertise. In fact, ORM is many times even called as online reviews management.  Such is its impact and significance if we are to consider the various components of an online reputation management strategy. A must-have!

In this era where every business has gone online, posting and sharing of reviews has become an obvious thing. While customers review products, services and brands at large, employees happen to review the company they are working for, and the number is increasing day by day. Such is the power of reviews that it can either make or break a business/brand. Literally! Just a couple of negative reviews are sufficient to spoil your hard-earned reputation. The further consequences are better left to your imagination.     

A number of dedicated reviews posting/sharing platforms like glassdoor, MouthShut etc. Glassdoor amongst the popular ones, has turned out into a trusted and reliable destination for not just reviews sharing but company branding at large.     

  • A peek inside Glassdoor

Glassdoor makes available a platform basically for employer business branding, in multiple ways. Their offerings include,

  • Employer branding through profile creation
  • Review Management (responding to the reviews)
  • Features and pricing etc…

On the other hand, employees can share the reviews about their company, with the freedom to express whatever they feel. Be it negative or positive. This is one of the major reasons why glassdoor has gained such popularity and more importantly credibility amongst people. A few stats and facts to support this statement,

Why glassdoor?

  • Glassdoor ratings are known to be a good business performance predictor
  • Best Places to Work companies outscored S&P500 with a 122% average! – Finding of economic researchers who analyzed Glassdoor ratings and subsequent performance of winners of Best Places to work
  • Companies with more employee satisfaction on glassdoor have outperformed in the stockmarket. 1.35% additional returns above the market during the study period.
  • Glassdoor’s transparent policy enables attracting quality and well-informed candidates
  • Positive impact on business for those listed on Best Places to Work     
  • Majority of candidates go through a minimum 5 reviews before making an opinion about a company
  • Greater retention rate observed in case of Glassdoor candidates


(Source: Glassdoor)


No more need to explain why Glassdoor for your Online Reputation Management.


  • What can we do for you?

It is pretty obvious from the above-stated facts and stats that your Glassdoor profile holds importance from the ORM perspective.

A hampered reputation on this platform can have the following impact on your business:

  • Most important – loss of credibility
  • A fall in the overall revenue
  • Job aspirants would hesitate to join your organization after reading negative reviews. Resulting into a direct impact on aspects like goal/target achievement, project delivery etc. due to lesser manpower.
  • Loss of brand value
  • Lack of business growth

In short, a downslide for your business.


Solution? A Glassdoor-specific ORM strategy.


At IBRANDtech, we have the desired expertise and a dedicated team who would not just build but help sustain a positive brand reputation for your business. Be assured about an exclusive customized strategy that focuses on the optimum use of this platform, and would include techniques like creating/revamping your Glassdoor profile, Reviews Management, positive image building, and all that is required.  

So, associate with us for a positive brand reputation.


When it is IBRANDtech, everything is possible.       

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