Pest control is very important as it is closely related to the health of the people living in the house. The pests that mainly trouble us include cockroaches, rodents, spiders, fleas, flies, bugs, ants, and termites. There are some simple tips we can follow to control pests inside our house. By regularly following them we will be able to save ourselves from pest infestations. And in case of a pest infestation, it is always better to hire professional pest control companies as it will be dangerous for us to tackle the pests on our own


Homemade Pesticides

A whole range of pesticides is available today. While using these pesticides you need to be extra careful as they may be harmful to pets, kids, or indoor plants. These can also cause pollution. Another alternative is homemade pesticides, they are effective for small-level pest control and they are safe for kids, pets, and indoor plants. Now let’s look at some homemade pesticides.


Take a reasonable amount of vinegar, mix it with water and then spray it around the house. The smell of vinegar will deter many pests. Ants despise the smell of vinegar as they can’t anymore follow the smell of other ants.

Orange Peels

Take the orange peels and put them in half a litre of water, and let them soak there for 24 hours. After that take the water in a spray bottle, and add a little bit of mild soap, shake the mix properly. After that, directly spray the mix on pests like cockroaches, bugs, and ants.

Peppermint Oil

It has got a sharp and terrific smell. Its smell repels pests. It can be used for pest control purposes in many ways. Its drops can be put in cotton balls, and these balls can be placed in regions where the pest are seen. Or it can be mixed with water and sprayed all over the house.

Seal Gaps, Holes, and Crevices

It is always better to prevent pests from entering our house. And for that, we need to seal all the gaps, holes, and crevices. These are also the places where pests tend to make their shelter.

Cover Openings Using a Wire Mesh

Insects, bugs, spiders and mosquitos generally enter our houses through windows, ventilators and other such openings. So, to prevent this we can always cover these openings with a wire mesh. It can be a bit costly if you are using good quality materials, but our health is more important and in the long run, this will help us save money and keep us healthy.

Set up Traps

The best way to catch and easily kill pests is by setting up traps both in the interior and exterior of the house. The most common traps include rodent traps, bug zappers, cage traps, and glue traps. The traps are very efficient in controlling larger pests. If larger pests persist, it is always better to bring in pest control companies.

Proper Garbage Disposal

Not disposing of garbage, especially food waste attracts pests. Always dispose of the daily waste regularly and routinely. This will help in controlling the pest very much.

Wash Your Utensils

Never keep the utensils in the sink overnight without washing, this practice also attracts many pests. Always take extra care to clean and wash dishes properly.