The mystery of the anti-counterfeiting security thread of banknotes

Mysteries in the Anti-counterfeiting security line


In the anti-counterfeiting of modern banknote security lines, it is generally believed that the security lines with both the naked eye and machine-readable functions are very effective security lines. One is a magnetically coded security wire.


Metal coded security wire is developed by the American CRANE company. It is composed of metal and digitally coded metal hollow security wire. This security wire uses the discontinuous arrangement of metal conduction to form a password. The magnetic security thread was developed by the Italian company MANTEGAZZA. It is a group of ideas with different sizes and thicknesses designed by a computer, printed on the film with a special magnetic material, and a group of ideas constitutes a password. It can be fully buried or released on the safety line, which is not only conducive to the identification of the public, but also to the identification of the banknote detection machine.


Difficulty analysis of Anti-counterfeiting security line


Anti-counterfeiting security line supplier


Thinking about this issue, the Anti-counterfeiting security line supplier believes that only one thing is certain, that is, the manufacturing difficulty of the fully buried security line is less than that of the windowed security line. The reason for this is that the window-type safety line is difficult in the process of papermaking. This release form itself has strong anti-counterfeiting properties, and the requirements for both papermaking machinery and paper need to be greatly improved. The paper in the paper cannot be damaged, and many technical issues such as the safety line and the expansion and contraction synchronization of the paper during the forming and cooling process must be considered (in some countries, the paper around the window opening line is very wrinkled, which is the reason for this). Therefore, it is safe to open the window. Line anti-counterfeiting is still very effective at present.


As for the advantages and disadvantages of various security lines, the Anti-counterfeiting security line supplier believes that: firstly, it depends on the ability of "no one has what I have", and secondly, it depends on the quality of the safety line. "I have nothing without people" is the world's leading technological strength. For example, the research and development of fully buried and window opening lines in the United Kingdom have a pioneering role, as well as the dynamic safety line in Sweden and the colour-changing safety line in Denmark. representative. (TDLR's paper-based plastic window technology also has this feature.) Another particularly important thing is to look at the printing level of the safety line. Whether it is hollow, miniature or even holographic, there is a difference in the production level. This is sometimes Tibetan friends. It's easy to ignore it, thinking that the more advanced one must be good, this kind of understanding is a bit one-sided.


Reflections on the existence and non-existence of Anti-counterfeiting security line


Anti-counterfeiting security line supplier


Among the banknotes of many independent money-printing countries, you will find an interesting phenomenon. Some powerful money-printing countries, such as the Netherlands and Japan, have not adopted the technology of security line anti-counterfeiting, and even the "world's first banknote" The Swiss franc also has a shabby and thin window line. If you compare them with the Thai baht and the Singapore dollar and say that they have poor money printing levels for the above reasons, then this kind of thinking is definitely inaccurate.


The reason why it is a powerful country in printing money is that its research and development strength must be unrivalled in the world, but each country always has its own research and development direction and historical tradition. The Netherlands did not have a banknote with a safety line until it joined the eurozone. No one doubts its money printing level and R&D strength. According to me, all its energy is devoted to holographic foils and metal films. Just like a person who studies biology, he can no longer be demanding that he also learn medicine very well. This is the truth. There is really a genius who is proficient in everything in money printing, and there is only one in the world, and that is Switzerland!


A seemingly "shabby" security line in Switzerland, but when other countries are studying how to stick a holographic film, it is already sticking four pieces (portrait version), who can compare this? Comprehensive analysis is the most important, and so is the safety line!


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