Anti-counterfeiting security thread for banknotes(2)

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In the early 1970s, the United Kingdom led the world in the innovation of Anti-counterfeiting security lines. They developed a security line. The line body was changed to a fully buried form, and sometimes it entered the banknote and was sometimes exposed on the surface. This type of safety line is called a window safety line. This security line has been widely used since the 1990s and has been adopted by most countries. It is characterized by easy identification by the public and high difficulty in counterfeiting.


The early window-type safety line was relatively slender, with a silver-white coating on it, and the front was silver-white, and the copying equipment could not accurately reproduce this change of the two colours.


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Deutsche Mark, which was circulated in the early 1990s, added hollow text on the Anti-counterfeiting security line, which makes it easy to check the integrity of the security line by light observation. Compared with no hollow text line, the production process is more advanced.


On the basis of the window opening line, Denmark has carried out a film of colour-changing material on the surface, so that the safety line has the effect of changing two to three colours with the light.


The Olympic banknotes of Hong Kong and Macau also use the colour-changing safety thread, the thread body is very wide, and hollow text is added. As for whether this banknote is TDLR technology, I don't know.


In the mid-to-late 1990s, the surface of the window-type security line in many countries was "renovated" again, and the holographic film-coated Holographic Security Line was widely used, including China's RMB. Of course, this holographic security line is not only used to identify authenticity with eyes but also a variety of high-tech information is buried in this security line. For example, there is two-dimensional magnetic coding information in RMB, which is conducive to the rapidity of modern currency detectors. Identify authenticity.


Holographic Security Line supplier


At present, Tibetan friends talk more about the dynamic security thread with the dynamic pattern effect. It is a security thread with advanced anti-counterfeiting technology developed by Sweden. Currently, it is only used by a few countries including Denmark, South Korea and Mexico. The embedding process of this kind of safety line is the same as that of other window-type safety lines, but the manufacture of this dynamic safety line is more complicated and the technology content is higher. Why do the graphics on this line move and change?


There have been many official introductions from Tibetan friends in the past. I understand that the Holographic Security Line is composed of multiple layers, and the core layer is composed of fine optical photosensitive particles or materials similar to lenses. This material must be arranged in a prescribed position. The slightest deviation and the density and manufacturing environment requirements must be very demanding. Its graphic displacement is definitely closely related to the refraction angle and incident angle of light and the observation angle of the human eye. As for more details, you can only figure it out yourself. After all, this technology can be called a state-level top secret, and it is by no means accessible to public information.


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