Anti-counterfeiting security thread for banknotes

To identify the authenticity of banknotes, we always consciously see through the light to check. What to look at mainly depends on the application of two anti-counterfeiting technologies, one is the watermark, and the other is the situation of the security line in the middle of the banknote. Today, I will briefly introduce the situation of Security thread anti-counterfeiting.


At present, almost 90% of Chinese and foreign banknotes use Security thread anti-counterfeiting. This technology can be said to be one of the most popular and effective anti-counterfeiting technologies. The security thread is actually in the process of making banknotes. In the paper, special metal wires or polyester plastic wires of different colours, microprinted wires or fluorescent wires are embedded in specific positions of the paper. A full or interrupted (windowed) line can be seen buried in the paper base when viewed in the light. The shape of the line is generally straight, but there are also wavy, zigzag and so on.


The history of security thread-Security thread anti-counterfeiting supplier


In the early 1930s, Stanley Chamberlain, general manager of the Bank of England's banknote printing plant, cooperated with the Porter Company to experiment with adding anti-counterfeiting security threads to banknotes, so it was also called "Chamberlain Line". This thread is flexible, resistant to folding, not easy to break and can be adapted to high-speed paper machines. The security line was quickly recognized as a method of public identification. The thread was patented in 1935 and first applied to a pound note issued by the Bank of England on March 29, 1940.


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Types and Changes


1. Fully buried security thread-Security thread anti-counterfeiting supplier


The safety thread can be divided into two categories due to its different papermaking processes: one is the fully buried safety thread, and the other is the window opening type safety thread. Modern banknotes basically use the above two methods to release them into banknotes, sometimes using one (fourth and fifth edition RMB), and sometimes using both at the same time (Denmark, Macau).


The fully buried safety line appeared earlier than the windowed safety line in time, and the shape in different periods was also different. There were various changes over time. The safety line itself became more complicated and the anti-counterfeiting effect was more prominent.


In the 1960s and 1970s, many western developed countries mostly adopted a black metal security line, such as West Germany, Italy, Austria and so on. Since the 1980s, a large number of countries have successively used this kind of security line. Including the fourth edition of the renminbi, which was only used in the mid-to-late 1980s.


In the 1970s and 1980s, many changes were also made to the fully buried safety line. For example, the red polyester safety line in Thailand made beneficial changes to the material and colour. Of course, there are also changes in the shape of lines, etc. The most representative is the 50 pounds in circulation in the 1980s. The safety line in the middle is a straight line on the left and a wavy line like a zigzag on the right. The process is more complex. The safety thread is produced on equipment developed by the Bank of England in cooperation with the UK Atomic Energy Agency, and the contour edges are made with a controlled laser beam.


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Since the 1990s, there have been many changes in the fully buried safety line. Microtext and hollow text have been added to the safety line. Magnetic safety lines and fluorescent safety lines have also appeared in large numbers. The two dollars are different safety lines in the early and mid-1990s The thread, especially the security thread, not only increases the miniature national flag pattern, but also the security thread of each denomination presents a different colour under ultraviolet light, which is blue, orange, green, yellow and red in order from 5 to 100 dollars. relatively characteristic.


The fully buried security thread adopts a large number of security threads with miniature characters, which are clearly discernible by light observation. It is difficult for counterfeiters to meet such process requirements, so it has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. "Bank of Madagascar" alternately appeared in the miniature text, the surface was interrupted, but in fact, a complete security line was buried in the paper base.


The fully buried safety line on the Swedish Krona can be observed in the light. The hollow text is fine, and the clarity and light transmittance is very high, which is very easy for the public to identify. The sophistication of the Swedish security line is evident.


The safety line on the franc is also very characteristic. So far, I have only seen the safety line with the "black dot mark" on the franc, and I also confirmed my speculation in the message of the Tibetan friend that this is a belt. Magnetic security wire with magnetic coding.


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