When buying from a bottle shop, you might not realize that there are some risks associated with it. Below, we've outlined three common problems to watch out for:

Expired Products

One of the biggest risks when you are buying from Bottle Shop South Melbourne, is expired products. Expired products affect not only you but also your family and friends as well.

 It is important to know that expired products can be unsafe for consumption, use or selling purposes. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid them:

  • Many times, people will get confused with the expiration date on food items because they think that after the said date has passed, it no longer means anything related to the quality or safety of foods, but this isn't true at all since there are still certain factors affecting these dates such as storage conditions, time period before opening etc. 
  • In reality, though, expiration dates don’t really have any bearing on food quality so if your product was packaged correctly, then it shouldn’t expire early unless something happened during transportation like a bad batch being sent out for example (this doesn't necessarily mean every single item on sale here comes from one source either).


 Expired Products


Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are a risk that you need to be aware of and avoid as much as possible. These types of fees will not be listed in the product description, so it's up to you to research and find out which ones apply to your purchase. Some common hidden fees include:

  • Return Shipping Fees: This is one of the most common hidden charges because it is often applied without your knowledge or consent.
  •  If you do decide to return an item for any reason, then you should expect that shipping costs will be deducted from your refund amount (and often times there is also an exchange fee). 
  • The best way to avoid this charge is by being aware of how many days are left before your deadline expires on purchases made through Bottle Shop and make sure they're long enough so that returns won't take place because they'll exceed their expiration date by then.
  •  Another thing worth mentioning is that if returns happen after 30 days have passed since purchase, then there may not be any restocking fee; but if less than 30 days have gone by when making a return request then most likely this type.



While you may be tempted to buy an item from a bottle shop that only requires a small deposit, you should avoid this option. Bottle shops are often not held accountable for the items they sell because there is no guarantee that the product will be returned. 

If you want quality products and services at affordable prices without these hassles, then it's best to buy directly from manufacturers instead. 

You'll get better quality products by purchasing directly; plus, manufacturers offer much quicker refunds than do bottle shops.



The Bottle Shop South Melbourne is a great place to pick up some quality wine, beer and liquor. However, you need to ensure that you are getting the best quality product at the right price.


Source: Risk To Avoid While Buying From Bottle Shop