Discover how to wash your car or motorcycle in a sustainable way, making the minimum impact on the ecosystem

Awareness and care for the environment are becoming more important and present among citizens. For this reason, new techniques are developed to make every day processes more sustainable. The motor world is no stranger to this, which is why new technologies have been developed that have allowed the appearance of cars that use clean energy and emit less pollution. But the thing does not stop there, ecological car washes have arrived and we will tell you how they work.

Ecological washing is a technique that consists of drastically reducing water consumption when washing a car, trying to reduce its use to a minimum. In addition, the cleaning products used are intended to be the least harmful to the environment. In this way, the classic washing tunnel cleaning or the pressure hose are abandoned, which waste a very high amount of water and use products that are harmful to the environment.

How can I carry out an ecological wash in my car?

First of all, you must get products that are biodegradable so that they do not contaminate the surface on which they fall. These special liquids and waxes for cleaning and caring for your car or motorcycle are responsible for separating dirt (insects included) from the bodywork. The only thing you will have to do is collect the entire mixture with a cloth (if possible, microfiber) to avoid scratches on the vehicle.

These products can also be used to polish car headlights or to clean rims and tires, bringing them back to the shine they have when they leave the dealership.

Eco wash inside

The maintenance and cleaning of the interior of the car is almost as important as the exterior, since it is the area where almost all the time is spent. To keep it clean you can also do an ecological wash and leave the windows, the dashboard, the door panels, the seats and even the roof or the trunk shiny.

And it is that on many occasions with the vacuuming that is done before washing the car is not enough, since there are traces of dirt on the steering wheel, or the gear lever knob. But if you use the right products, you can not only remove dirt, but also give your car a special smell.

In short, a way to strengthen the bond with your vehicle and make it look like the first day and at the same time take care of the environment in which you live, using the resources available to the maximum without wasting essential elements and causing the minimum impact. possible in the ecosystem.

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