First, the operation is different

LED strips include monochromatic strips and RGB strips. Monochromatic strips do not require dimming drive. RGB light strips need to use dimming drivers to control different light effects.

Second, the composition is different

1. RGB light strip means that each LED welded on the LED light strip is composed of three chips of red, green and blue. They can emit three monochromatic lights such as red, green and blue separately, or the three chips can be together. Glow, combine into white light. If the controller is added, the four colors of red, green, blue and white can be changed and flickered in turn. RGB means red, green, and blue, not colorful.

2. The 5200 lumen corn bulb refers to an LED light strip with seven different colors of LEDs including red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple and brown welded on it, which means it is a mixed LED light strip. The light strip is called 5200 lumen corn bulb.

5200 lumen corn bulb