Rumors about a potential World of Warcraft console port have surfaced recently, but the Game Director Ion Hazzikostas says no such plans are currently in place. World of Warcraft console port speculations are WOW WoTLK Classic Gold  circulating every sometimes. In 2020. for example many believed that the developers of the controller's source code was a sign that the long-running MMORPG will eventually make its way to PlayStation as well as Xbox platforms. Then it wasn't long for even more speculation about the possibility of a WoW launch on Xbox to hit the airwaves after Microsoft announced its plans to acquire Publisher Activision Blizzard.

Prior to Patch 9.0.1 in the latter half of 2020. World of Warcraft players interested in controller support options could only make use of external programs. The pre-patch for WoW WOTLK Classic changed the game, then, allowing users to navigate the fantastical world using the use of a PlayStation or Xbox gamepad. Although many believed this was the first step toward an eventual console version of WoW, Blizzard Entertainment never even mentioned the possibility of such an effort. Of course, discussions concerning a hopeful World of Warcraft Xbox port have surfaced after Microsoft's imminent Activision Blizzard purchase. Fans should not be holding their breath.

Ahead of an interview for IGN, World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas addressed ongoing rumors regarding the possibility of having an online version. The game's creator quickly dispelled the idea with the following statement: "Nah, I think World of Warcraft is a game designed from the ground from scratch for gamers on the PC." Warcraft's enhanced controller support and updated user interface will, thus, be left for PC gamers and PC players to enjoy.

While console port hopefuls remain not being addressed, World of Warcraft faithful will have plenty to look forward to in the coming years. Blizzard Entertainment recently announced WoW's Dragonflight expansion with fresh content that will let players explore their way through the Dragon Isles. The coming DLC will also introduce the Dracthyr race and the Evoker class, in addition to Dragonriding, new raids as well as previously undiscovered dungeons. At the time of writing, Blizzard has yet to disclose the date for launch.

Since its debut nearly 20 years back for PC, World of Warcraft has seen eight expansions, including the first which was launched in 2007 under the title The Burning Crusade. The most recent one that was released in 2020. WoW WOTLK Classic, rapidly lost steam due its turbulent first year, a problem later exacerbated by the addition of community-dividing elements and prolonged pauses in between big updates. Hopefully, Dragonflight  WoTLK Gold can give World of Warcraft the jolt of vitality it needs.