Others, like Corne, a 21-year-old Software developer born in Arnhem, Netherlands, who was not willing to divulge his last name, gambled on gold, and by it, the real world currency, on fights with players. "I am a fan of money. If it's in real life or in RuneScape the world of OSRS gold, money is a nice thing to have" the actor said on a call.

Horn purchases a lot of his gold from middlemenwho buy gold in bulk from gold farmers and then resell it through websites such as El Dorado or Sythe. Horn estimates that he's racked up between 4,000 and 5,000 euros fueling what he believed at one time was an addiction to gambling.

When players like Corne as well as Mobley return into RuneScape with the appetites and wallets of adulthood, the game's black market grew. Players reported that there was a large number of Chinese gold farmers, but there were other players who profited from RuneScape's renaissance: Venezuelans such as Marinez.

On March 12 20th, cheap OSRS GP decided to enroll in a school for police officers in Caracas which is the capital of Venezuela and begin to work towards an employment in law enforcement. The following day, the Venezuelan government released its two COVID-19 cases for the first time.