Generally, Allegiant Airlines flights are seldom changed or cancelled unless there is a compelling cause, such as weather or technical concerns with the crew. However, if a flight is cancelled or changed, Allegiant Airlines is fully responsible for any extra ticket charges and other expenditures.

* According to Allegiant Airlines, compensation for delayed flights is the same whether the journey is local or international.

* When you make a delay claim, the amount of money you get is determined by two factors: the length of time your flight was delayed and the distance you travelled.

* If the flight distance is less than 900 miles and the delay is three hours or more, Allegiant Airlines will compensate you with USD 275.

* If your flight is delayed, American Airlines will compensate you. Delays of three hours or more are compensated, depending on the distance travelled. If a flight between 900 and 2100 miles is delayed for more than 3 hours, it will be compensated with USD 450. The airline will pay out if a flight is more than 2100 miles long and is delayed for more than 3 hours.

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