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EMT Pipe is a straightforward, inexpensive set of connectors with cheap electrical conduits that you can buy at any hardware shop. The outcome is a platform for construction with countless design options.

Why conduit

An electrical conduit (EMT) has traditionally been used to carry wires through structures. The most significant part is that EMT is affordable and is available at any nearby hardware shop. It will only cost about $3.50 for a 10' length of pipe. The 3/4" EMT is compatible with Maker Pipe connections, which strikes a nice mix between price and strength. Your construction will endure. EMT is further galvanised so that outside structures will endure the environment. This widely accessible, reasonably priced steel tubing is an ideal construction material.


Building what you love is simple and intelligent with the Maker Pipe. Here are a few reasons why it would be ideal for the truly fantastic project you've wanted to make!

How it works

The typical T Connectors has a nut and a steel bolt. Friction bands aid the connection in maintaining the stability of your connection. The bands are not required if you shrink-wrap the pipe for aesthetic or flexibility reasons. Simply remove the bands from the connection and preserve them for a future project.

When ready to join, grab two pieces and interlock the connectors' puzzle-piece forms to form the pipe. Then, while screwing the bolt in with the other hand, clamp the nut in place with one hand (the connection holds the nut securely). To tighten, use a 5mm Allen wrench and then forward. You have created a sturdy steel link without using any power tools or extraordinary abilities.

Example build