Covenants are among the most important additions to World of warcraft TBC, and much of the gameplay of the wow classic tbc gold  expansion takes place within the environment of players who join one. Covenants are the various factions in the World of warcraft TBC that each have their own role in the post-life. Once players have reached the highest level (now 60) and are eligible to join one. When players choose their Covenant to join, they'll receive an exclusive Covenant campaign, additional side quests and the chance to earn buy new Covenant equipment. Each week's questline will reward players with one piece of their Covenant's transmog set. While the gear in general is relatively low-level when compared to other item dropped from Mythic+ and Castle Nathria Raids, as weeks progress, the rewards' stats improve for each one. It is also possible to upgrade lower-level items they have received in the campaign like they would upgrade any other armor.

To upgrade Covenant gear, players will be required to find specific NPCs who are either in their Covenant's Sanctum or in Oribos and who are able to assist them. It is also necessary to possess enough Renown along with Anima to purchase the upgrade. Upgrades will be being restricted until players have completed certain chapters of the Covenant campaign and attain the next levels of Renown required. Learn how you can upgrade Covenant gear to upgrade Covenant gear in World of warcraft TBC.

Players first have to bring their equipment to the upgrade NPC in the Covenant's Sanctum in addition to the standard upgrade NPC located in Oribos. It is the Covenant NPCs' location varies from Covenant to Covenant however, players will usually find them by the vendor who also sells accessories for replacement. These are:

Kyrian: Forgehand Phillo

Necrolord: Goreguts

Night Fae: Craftmaster Lamda

Venthyr: Guy Yearmo

Oribos: Aggressor Zo'dash

When players locate theirs then they can pull the equipment from its bag slot to the NPCs upgrade menu in the interface menu or right-click to send it there.

The first pieces of equipment in a player's initial campaign levels start from Item Level 155. which is considered Rank 1 . It is possible to upgrade these ranks, which increase the item's level once they've completed certain chapters in their campaign and have enough Renown or Anima available to use. Not every piece will need to be upgraded as players can get certain cheap wow classic tbc gold  items from later campaign chapters that start at a higher Item level and rank.