These strategies may end up alienating a section or the D2R Items: Resurrected player base completely on their own. If players reach rates limits, for example may receive an error message saying there's an issue with communicating with game servers.

This isn't that difference from what they're playing into now (but will hopefully happen less frequently and to lesser people), while login queues make it possible for players to endure lengthy wait times before they're allowed to enter the game. Both are more efficient over the current scenario, but won't do much to address widespread calls to completely eradicate these irritants.

Blizzard says it is committed to finding better long-term solutions.

"We have employees working incredibly dedicatedly to deal with incidents in real-time, finding issuesand working on solutions -- not only within the D2R team, but throughout Blizzard," PezRadar said. "This game is so important to all of us.

The majority of us on the team have been avid D2 players since during its initial launch back in 2001, some are members of the community of modders, and there are others. We can guarantee you that we'll continue to work until the experience is good to us not only as D2R items cheap also players and members of the community."