Who doesn't enjoy taking a break in their backyard? We are confident in it. But what if you want to divide your lawn from your vegetable patch or if your garden is overlooked? Metal Garden Screen is able to help.
We are frequently asked to design and build metal privacy screens for our clients, so let's go over some of its benefits.

Keep out the neighbors

Having privacy outside is the main benefit of having a metal privacy screen. Many other activities, including al fresco dining, tanning, resting, playing with kids, producing vegetables, and much more, can be done in gardens. But if you can't enjoy your nice outside space without your neighbours seeing what you do, what's the point? Privacy screens give you the privacy that is stated on the packaging.

Protection from the elements

Metal privacy screens that are partially enclosed are excellent for taking advantage of the outdoors without feeling cramped and stuffy. They can even lessen the heat and UV rays that pass through throughout the summer. Did you know that a strategically positioned privacy screen might offer shade, ventilation, and protection from the sun's damaging rays while still allowing you to see your garden and your outdoor furniture?

Decorative and stylish

A metal privacy screen also has the potential to make your yard look more impressive. In reality, some buyers of privacy screens do so solely for aesthetic reasons. When you might have a gorgeous custom screen instead of a conventional fence to define your yard, why limit it? Whether you want a sleek, contemporary screen or a rustic, vintage one, we can adapt our designs to fit your current décor.
Do you want to hide a part of your landscape that is very ugly? I can think of water tanks, composting facilities, and trash cans. Think about how much more attractive that room would be if it had a lovely screen to hide it behind.

Low maintenance

Consider a steel privacy screen if the idea of having to maintain a wooden fence or screen sounds like too much labour. We offer a hot dipping galvanised solution to safeguard the metal or powder coat it in any colour of your choice because we recognise how important corrosion resistance is. This durable coating keeps its attractive appearance while fending off chipping and fading. Simply wiping it down with a moist cloth and a basic home cleanser will keep it looking brand new.

Cost effective

In comparison to building a brick wall or a full fence, a metal privacy screen is less expensive and also looks great. With no maintenance costs to think about and a longer lifespan for your screen, the powder coating is an even more cost-effective privacy option.
If you're looking for one, the skilled staff at Metro Steel can make a metal privacy screen to your exact specifications. Whether your new feature is a freestanding element or an addition to an already-existing fence or gate, we'd be happy to assist you in designing it. Because we have a vast variety of colours, sizes, and styles, we can also help with the selecting process.