So far, World of Warcraft has two different planets, one for retail and one for classic. But now the classic is no longer a classic, World of Warcraft has undergone a series of adjustments, and changes are inevitable. But Blizzard has done its best, trying to strike a balance between not changing anything in the game or adding any features that would take away the enjoyment of the game. But this is a difficult thing after all, so if you want to get a better gaming experience in the game, you can choose to buy WOW TBC Gold on Because MMOWTS has always been committed to creating the best platform and the best service for players, buying on MMOWTS, you can experience very good service, and this is also a safe and reliable website.

First of all, the expansion pack is still running in the patch and includes a lot of changes and improvements from the first day, players are looking forward to this improvement, for more of the spirit of staying the same, either in a different form in Earlier time, or it didn't exist. So in order to meet the expectations of players, Blizzard had to make some minor adjustments.

The second is that when it comes to something about WoW, finding dungeons is always a flash point, after all it helps build a strong sense of community, but when Blizzard announced that this option wouldn't be in WOW TBC Classic, no People are shocked.

Since the official announcement of WOW TBC Classic, many communities have started to build the network of transfers and resort to other tools to find what they need, but this makes some systems seem redundant, in addition to missing some features, adding some Other things, one of which is the dismantling option that players are looking forward to. When the player needs it, the player will be automatically prompted to enter the dungeon to loot, which is similar to the dungeon search mode.

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