Cheating isn’t just a problem for the people in the relationship. It also affects the relationship between both sides. If you start to notice your partner is cheating on you, it may be time to take some steps to protect yourself. In this post about signs of cheating, we will discuss three of them:

1)Cheating in bed:

In this case, you are still in an active relationship so your partner can’t really do anything that is really damaging. However, if you notice your partner is having an affair, this could be an opportunity to stop the relationship before it gets worse.

2)Cheating in other relationships:

Cheating is certainly not unique to a single person; so if it’s happening in a long-term relationship, it’s probably time for some new boundaries and protocols. In most cases though it won’t be about who sleeps where or who does what — it will involve more fundamental issues like who does what with whom and when/where they do it. This is about protecting yourself from the damage caused by someone else’s actions in your life whether they come from her or him.

3)Desperately trying to save the marriage:

If there are already signs of cheating then deciding that your partner isn’t going to change should help you cut down on those feelings of horror and guilt that could keep you awake at night (don’t forget feelings of deep regret at making poor choices are also common). If these feelings don’t go away even after actions such as breaking up or divorce then it may be time to consider ending things.