While some communities and gamers might be upset at the loss of a well-known brand, FatNWackyRS invited other Runescape players to comment on their experiences with OSRS Gold. One participant, for instance, feels like they've won and lost when playing the game of Runescape as well as Outriders. Others were enthusiastic about this news, even some who hadn't interacted with Osborne before, due to this glowing recommendation from a member of the Runescape community.

Indeed, exactly what will happen on his edge of the Outriders fence remains to be determined, but the fans are aware of a number of exciting things are coming in the coming years to this game. Outriders' Worldslayer expansion is due to be released in the spring. It's scheduled to be released for the end of the year as well as beyond. People Can Fly has a ton of other projects that are in development, including another game that will be developed with Square Enix. What happens if Osborne is involved in the latter, it's to be seen.

FatNWackyRS end his post by leaving an easy, heartfelt note for Osborne, should he happen to look it up: A thank you for all he has been able to do for Runescape and warm best wishes for his time as a director at Square Enix. "We cherish you, will miss you, and hope you have the greatest of success in all the exciting adventures together with Square Enix," the Redditor wrote in behalf of the RS community.

In my diary from 2006, I can reliably say I made my first step in Gielinor the setting of RuneScape on April 29th , 2006. The younger Lottie wrote about how RuneScape was'very good looking with its cool map, before going on a shout about how she was unable to locate the final episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion on what I'm guessing was a legal website. I'm wondering what she might have written if she knew RuneScape would become a mainstay in her gaming library.

Looking through the old diaries was a journey within my personal RuneScape background; I recorded milestones, new experiences and discoveries, like my first visit to Varrock. I was aware of my weak combat proficiency, and terrified of dying in the hands of monsters far more powerful than myself, I decided to stick to the paths as I knew it would protect me from the beasts lurking in the unknown lands.

In reality an unwise decision that ended up backfiring as I approached the city's southern gates and encountered the dark wizards who lurk nearby. (Really could you ask how much those Varrock guards are paid). ...) after I'd got bored of Varrock I carefully planned my exit with the hopes of avoiding another murderous surprise however, I was greeted with a near death experience at the hands of an unidentified highwayman in the vicinity of Port Sarim with OSRS Buy Gold.