For sending and receiving money worldwide, the first name that comes to a user's mind is PayPal because this company has truly revolutionized the way we used to work with our payments. With a PayPal account by our side, we can make instant payments to all those users who are using PayPal irrespective of the place where they live. And this all can be made possible through one-time PayPal login.

But, what if you are not able to sign in and access your account on PayPal? Well, there could be different scenarios where you are unable to get into your account or perform any kind of transaction. Meanwhile, the most important thing to figure out here is the reasons and the factors that are not letting you access your account.

So, in the following section of this article, we will showcase the reasons that are not letting you access your account.

Reasons why you can't log in to PayPal

Enlisted are the major reasons why you are unable to sign in to your PayPal account:

  • Invalid or incorrect login credentials

When you mistype your PayPal login credentials or you feed your old password, then you may not be able to get into your account.

  • Problem with the device or the browser

When there is something wrong with your device or your browser has a lot of cookies or cache, then also it will create a problem while loading some programs.

  • PayPal servers are down

If there is a problem at the end of PayPal; its servers are down or the platform is under maintenance, then you will have issues during account access.

  • Your VPN is turned on 

When you use the VPN service on your device, it hides your IP address and changes your location as well. If PayPal detects any such thing, then you may not be given access to your account.

  • Outdated PayPal application

In case you are using PayPal through its app, then the use of an outdated PayPal application could lead to login issues.


If you think you are not able to sign in to your account due to one of these reasons, then you should find a relevant solution to fix the PayPal login issues. The first thing that you can do is re-type the login credentials and check for internet connectivity issues on your device. Apart from that, you can also clear your browsing history, cache, and cookies to get rid of long-stored files. In addition to that, you can try turning off the VPN, updating the PayPal application, and most importantly checking if the website servers are down. These solutions would definitely help you resolve login problems.