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There are many common problems for players, such as not having enough games in their game list for them to play, even though they think there should be enough games in the game list. When you create a new game, it will show up on one of the many game sites in your area, and it's done to give you a good gaming experience. But one day, we found that our standards were too aggressive.

After the launch of the ladder, we expanded it to provide player games with three game sites, which helps players see more games in their playlist and does not affect connection quality and connection speed, but still have players React didn't see the list of games, so got a new patch, and we continue to expand it in this patch.

Now, no matter how many games are online at the same time in your region, as long as you maintain a strong enough connection, we can contribute to Cheap D2R Ladder Items your game list. To provide more choices for players who want to join the game, we A specific time will also be chosen to double the number of concurrently joined games. In addition to that, we've also fine-tuned the game as a whole, which is refreshed almost at the same time. But you still need to refresh your game list manually.

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