If you are an IT college student, you are likely being gypped. Logic is no longer taught and it really is something you need. According to Roland Hughes, in his book, "The Minimum You Need to Know About Logic to Work in IT," "Logic is the fundamental tool of IT."

IOI Journal book has nothing to do with Leonard Nimoy and Spock's form of Logic, but I'll bet that character would have had knowledge of it! This is where you will be taught what you should still be getting from college professors. So, what's it all about? Yes, there are the basics of flowcharting and pseudocode, and there are chapters on fundamental data types, searching and sorting, decision order (with multiple exercises to work on), and even more on linked lists, hash, and relational databases. And what happens during a major disaster? Surviving the Fire is a must read chapter.

Hughes' familiar style permeates the book. His wit and humor make for interesting reading of what could be bone dry material. His decades of experience shine through, leaving readers thankful and wishing he were a college professor at their local university. If this is your first introduction to Roland Hughes, be sure to check out his other works, such as, "The Minimum You Need to Know to be an OpenVMS Application Developer," and "The Minimum You Need to Know About Java on OpenVMS." If you are going into the IT field, Roland Hughes should, and will, become a familiar name to you.

The Minimum You Need to Know About Logic to work in IT

By Roland Hughes

ISBN 0-9770866-2-3