Even if you have little knowledge about cryptocurrency trading, using Coinbase prime would not be a troublesome task for you. However, using this exchange without having an idea about some of its basic and background details is not something that is encouraged. So, if you are a new user on Coinbase Prime and you wish to get your hands on more details about this exchange, then we would suggest you read this article till the last as we are going to present some essential details regarding the usage of this exclusive product developed by Coinbase Inc.

So, what is Coinbase Prime?

Well, Coinbase Prime is somewhat similar to the Coinbase exchange that provides you with different trading options and secure storage space in one place. But, the only point of difference that you would find here is that Coinbase Prime Login comes with some additional and prime benefits that may not be available for all users. Anyone using Prime would be provided with the option to get access to secure custody and a platform where he would find all the prime trading facilities on the go. This platform is also considered the best for automatic routing of your order with the best prices available.

Learn how to get started on Coinbase Prime

Well, anyone who is interested to use the diversified features available in this portal would be able to easily get started here. So, today, we shall teach you how to sign up for this exchange without any further ado:

  1. Open a safe browser and visit https://www.coinbase.com/prime
  2. This shall take you to the official Coinbase Prime website
  3. Now, have a look at the taskbar at the top and click that "Get started" button
  4. Then, a three-stage account creation form would appear on your screen
  5. At first, you need to fill up some basic details for starting the procedure
  6. Click the "Create account" button to proceed to the next stage
  7. When asked, you will need to carry out the verification process by following the prompts
  8. Next up, you need to upload some documents for further verification and you're done


That's all folks! That's how easy it is to complete the sign-up procedure on the Coinbase Prime login platform. If you have some basic idea of crypto trading, then you must give this platform a try and you are definitely going to like this exchange a lot. Whether you are representing an organization or an individual trader, you will definitely find this exchange a perfect trading option.