Just like fat, salt, and booze, masturbation is also known to be one of the touchy health-related topics. The latest medical news has always seemed to contradict the advice from the past. This include Eat no fat! Or, just try having good fat – but not too much of it! And also, not too little, either! And knowing that salt is a killer – but it can be deadly in case you do not eat it! This is the progress of science.
Can Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction be a tricky question to which answer is maybe! On the other hand, no matter what causes impotence, Fildena CT 100 pill can help in treating the condition well.


Studies have long shown that act of masturbation is just normal and it can even be a physically healthy activity – in middle-aged men which shall further cut the risk of prostate cancer. The act can also reduce anxiety, and thereby helps in restoring stress-racked immune systems. And yet as per the experts, there is now emerging evidence suggesting that performing frequent masturbation being aroused by the vast cornucopia of freely available porn one might enjoy today is leading to some serious cases of impotence in men.


In short, act of masturbation does not lead to ED directly. However, some peer-reviewed studies and papers might all show that there could be a potential link that has been watching too much porn -- something the most people might be performing masturbation and the development of sexual dysfunction might occur.


Could the act of masturbation be responsible for things including performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction in younger men? If so consuming Fildena CT 100 medicine can help. This pill helps impotent men by attaining and sustaining a stiffer penile for longer time.


Masturbation Doesn’t Directly Cause Impotence

Before one might get into the effects of pornography like condition on erectile dysfunction, it is all important to know that the act of masturbation by itself is not directly linked to ED or impotence in men. Masturbating will not damage the penile (assuming you use proper technique) and it shall not stop you from being able to perform well while lovemaking session.


Porn And ED: The Connection to Explore

Over some decades in the past, there has been a sharp rise in the incidence rate of sexual dysfunction which include erectile dysfunction, or ED among men under 40.


The rise has been all difficult for explaining through conventional means since today’s population is in good health and might all face some sexual restrictions in other generation. The cause, some researchers might also believe that it can be the widespread availability of porn and thanks to the huge growth of the Internet.


The common thing as Can Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction might be true. The medicine Fildena CT 100 works best when consumed in presence of complete sexual arousal. This solution in various dosages and strengths works over impotence and does the job in minutes of medicine consumption. Do not consume the pill in excess as it can lead to adverse reactions and side effects that might need medical assistance.