Some of the mental health issues can affect daily life and some of the routine activities, and for men, this might also be about sexual performance on consuming Filitra 20 and the ability in attaining a stiffer penile erection. Some of the researchers have also found that almost a quarter of men with impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) with Filitra 20 can also suffer from conditions like depression, anxiety, or both, though one might not know for sure how widespread the issue might be. 

How Are Depression and Anxiety Related to Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction?
There is good stress and bad stress when it comes to performing some sort of sexual performance, depression and anxiety might all fall under the latter. When your brain might experience healthy stress — for example, from exercise, a new relationship, or also from some of the promotions at work — your body might all tend to release testosterone. When you are sexually stimulated, that some sort of extra testosterone might help in relaxing the blood vessels in the penile and it can cause a stiffer penile erection for a longer time.

However, when the brain is under unhealthy stress — for example, from traumatic events, relationship problems, or work stress — your body can also release a hormone known as cortisol instead. Cortisol might also constrict the blood vessels that are present in the penile. When blood cannot flow properly to the penile region, that is when one might have issues in achieving a stiffer penile erection for a longer time.

Determine In case Your ED Is Caused By Another Health Issue
Most of the ED symptoms (might be premature and painful ejaculation) are not linked to physical (not psychological) conditions, so it is also important for making sure the body is physically healthy on consuming Filitra 20 pill. Things including diabetes, heart disease, smoking, and prostate cancer are common causes of impotence in men. In case, you are otherwise physically fit but are also experiencing depression or anxiety, the doctor shall move on to step 2.

Treat The Erectile Dysfunction Directly
Sometimes, even after you have figured out how one can manage the mental health issues, you might still have symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence. For example, ED is a possible side effect of many of the antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, and altering those medications for mental health issues might not usually be the best option. If that is the case, other medications are available which might treat erectile dysfunction, like sildenafil and Filitra 20 (Vardenafil)

Some of the men usually find sexual counseling (sometimes known as sex therapy) to be completely beneficial. This type of therapy focuses on enhancing sexual dysfunctions (like impotence) and it is especially helpful in case, you have experienced abuse or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) like condition.

This Filitra 20 is the Vardenafil medicine works best when consumed in presence of complete sexual arousal. Medicine works when consumed approx. 30 minutes before planned lovemaking session.