Wordle, created by Josh Wardle, is a puzzle game in which players must identify a five-letter word while receiving hints with each guess. The game, which is both extremely enjoyable and excruciatingly challenging at times, enjoyed a boom in popularity in 2022. The New York Times has even bought the game.

Wordle's success has spawned a slew of imitators and a fad for mobile-based word games, but the issue is: which Wordle-like games are worth your time?

Here are the 12 finest Wordle alternatives that you should download and play in 2022:

1. Scrabble
Scrabble is the unquestioned king of all word-based board games, but the brand has often failed to adapt to mobile gaming. There have been other Scrabble applications throughout the years, but the present version is all we hoped for.

2. Nerdle
Nerdle is similar to Wordle, but with numbers. It is not for everyone, but those who like to show off their arithmetic talents will appreciate it. It is similar to Wordle in many respects, employing the same rules and mechanics but with a numerical twist.

If words aren't your thing but numbers are, Nerdle is a terrific way to get back at people who brag about Wordle. Download the app with your buddies and let the mathematical mayhem begin.

3. Dordle
Dordle takes the word guessing formula a step farther than Wordle by presenting players with an additional difficulty. When you check into Dordle every day, you'll be given two words to guess rather than just one.

4. Globle
Globle is another geography-based guessing game in which players must guess the name of a nation from anywhere in the globe without any suggestions. The only way to tell whether you're on the right track is to look at the red colour palette that appears everytime you guess; the hotter the colour, the closer you are to the correct answer.

5. Quordle
Quordle is the most difficult of the Wordle-inspired games. In Quordle, you must guess four words instead of simply one every day. This is the game for you if you're ready for a major challenge and want to put your vocabulary to the test.

6. Worldle
While it seems to be Wordle when written out, Worldle is a completely separate game. This is based on geography rather than words, as the name implies. The game will show you an outline of a nation, as well as some basic details about it, and will challenge you to identify which one it is.

7. Waffle Game
Waffle Game differs from Wordle in that it focuses on unjumbling words rather than guessing what they are. The game presents you with a crossword grid filled with various words and then challenges you to figure out what each one is.

It seems to be simpler than Wordle since the letters you'll need are already there, but you'll need to know what the word is to know what it is. Even the most creative wordsmiths will sometimes be defeated by Waffle Game, and it's a terrific opportunity to learn some new words. Waffle Game is similar to Wordle, except it focuses on unjumbling words.

8. Heardle
Heardle is an audio-based variation on the Wordle concept, in which players must predict a popular song from a brief audio clip rather than a word each day. The songs may vary from ancient classics to recent blockbusters, so there is a lot of variation.

9. Crosswordle
Crosswordle is similar to Wordle, however it is in the conventional crossword format. The solution lies at the bottom of the screen, but your task is to work backward to find out what the remainder of the grid is.

Words With Friends 2 Wordle is the spiritual successor to Words With Friends and owes its existence — at least in part — to it. Words With Friends was a huge success when it initially came out, and it set the bar for mobile puzzle games for years to come.

10. Squabble
Squabble is similar to Wordle, but with an added bonus: multiplayer. It takes features from Wordle and Words With Friends and combines them into a fresh experience; it even incorporates Battle Royale-style gameplay.

11. Jumble
Jumble is a Wordle-inspired game in which players must answer a certain number of anagrams each day. It's a unique spin on the word puzzle concept that can sometimes be rather challenging for those eager to put their wordsmithing skills to the test.