If you're an SEO professional, you're bound to know the various ranking factors that Google considers to index sites. More than 200 factors contribute towards ranking a site on top of Google SERPs, and nobody knows them all. 


Some ranking factors outweigh others in terms of rankings. So, while it's not possible to know all the ranking factors that the search engine considers, you can still focus on the core metrics and improve your website rankings. 


If you're starting as an SEO specialist or looking to boost your content by yourself, some essential elements have to be fulfilled to rank high on the SERPs. We've compiled together this checklist of the basic SEO elements that Google considers to rank sites.


Most Important SEO Ranking Factors That You Should Know

By just focussing on the main on-page and off-page elements, you can start to improve your site's ranking soon enough. These factors are:


⦁ Content

⦁ User Intent

⦁ Keywords

⦁ Backlinking 

⦁ Page Load Speed

⦁ Mobile Responsiveness

⦁ Domain Authority, and

⦁ Site Security



These were some of the major ranking factors in Google's algorithms that influences the indexing of sites online. Though there are a number of other elements in Google's ranking algorithm, paying attention to these will surely see improvement on your website rankings with consistent efforts. As you gain experience in optimizing these vital factors, you can learn more about the other criteria measured by Google for ranking websites.


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