Column or sheath gowns are slim-fitting dresses that include a narrow and straight shape all the way through. The style is made to gently hug your body, showcasing your estimate of the process. As such, they're best for confident brides who don’t mind revealing their waist and hips. In particular, tall and lean brides appear especially stunning in this style. However, for those who have a straight physique, make sure to define your waist as having a waistline or sash. Also, for those who have trouble walking in tight dresses, consider the option of having a split.Click

Trumpet/Mermaid Sleeveless Long/Floor-Length Lace/Satin Bridesmaid Dress With Waistband

Fishtail and mermaid princess wedding dresses are glamorous gowns that are shaped just like their names suggest. They follow the contour of your body before flaring out around the knees. The result is a sexy and feminine style that highlights curves and turns heads. As such, these dresses are particularly well suited for confident brides and appear stunning on hourglass figures. For a subtle undertaking of the fishtail wedding dress, you may also consider a trumpet variation, which features a softer flare that begins higher up the legs.