I'm so excited to talk about today's wedding along with you for it's the celebration of 1 of our much-loved members Elizabeth and her husband Howard.

Come beside me to Surrey for that marriage of film buyer to journalist Howard on 5 August 2018. The pair, who have been introduced by mutual friends, fell deeply in love with the beauty, relaxed feel, and intimacy of Hampton Court House and decided on a dreamy color pattern of soft blue and cream for his or her styling. A beaded gown added a subtle 1920s vibe and also the overall look may be the epitome of summertime charm.

Continuing using the soft blue palette, the bridesmaids wore long dusty blue bridesmaid dresses with delicate blue and white accessories gifted through the bride.

Elizabeth was keen to put on a 20s-inspired, beaded gown and located her beauty at the Teddington boutique. It suits the bride to be so well using its simple, elegant silhouette and champagne hue.

"I love the dress is glamorous, romantic, and figure-hugging, evokes the 20s but looks modern. The beading is really beautiful in order the sun placed it sparkled around the dance floor. It may be the perfect dress to visit from day to night and maybe the opposite of the 'traditional' dress, particularly because it has the option of the champagne slip. I loved it wasn't pure white because it was different and suited my pale skin."

Elizabeth and Howard were created by a mutual friend (and bridesmaid) Antonia, who is the bride to be known through school and also the groom through university.

"She played matchmaker one night and hosted a dinner beside me and three of her male friends. Howard and I had chemistry immediately. Seven along with a bit years later, Howard proposed at the end of the very special meal within the House of Lords dining area. We were engaged for nearly two years.”

The bride entered around the arm of her father to 'Halo' by Beyoncé. This moment holds very special memories for Elizabeth as her father very sadly died shortly after the marriage.

The couple has a lot of special memories using their day.

"For Howard, it had been when his speech had ended so when he could relax and relish the evening. For me, it had been a moment throughout the first dance when I realized everything choose to go well and I put myself directly on his shoulder. I had never felt such happiness as for the reason that moment."

"We felt pressure to choose an excellent DJ because they manage the entertainment for this type of long part from the day and may make or break the party section. I found our DJ Marc by Googling ‘non-cheesy wedding DJ'."

"His reviews were excellent and following a short video call, we booked him, appreciating his flexibility and relaxed attitude plus his experience as a professional DJ for several top musicians before embracing weddings. He transpired a storm at the time, filling the party area from the start; not an easy job when it had been still so hot!"

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Remember that any dilemmas or challenging moments within the run-up simply melt off and should not matter in the end. It's about you like a couple surrounded through the love and support of the nearest and dearest having a wonderful celebration – that's what counts."

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