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Regarding the global configuration of file filtering configuration files for Huawei USG6000 products, which of the following descriptions is correct?
A. File filtering, content filtering, and anti-virus detection are not available when files are corrupted. At this time, files can be released or blocked according to business requirements.
B. When the file extension does not match, if the action is "Allow" or "Alert", file filtering, content filtering and anti-virus detection will be performed according to the file type.
C. When the number of compression layers of a file is greater than the configured "Maximum number of decompression layers", the firewall cannot filter the file.
D. When the file type cannot be identified, file filtering, content filtering and anti-virus detection are not performed.
Answer: C

Regarding the description of keywords, which of the following are correct? (Multiple choice)
A. Keywords are the content that the device needs to recognize when filtering content.
B. Keywords include predefined keywords and custom keywords.
C. The shortest length of the keyword that the text can match is 2 bytes.
D. Custom keywords can only be defined in text.
Answer: AB

For the description of the AntiDDoS system, which of the following options is correct?
A. The detection center mainly pulls and cleans the attack traffic according to the control strategy of the security management center, and injects the cleaned normal traffic back to the customer network and sends it to the real destination.
B. The management center mainly completes the processing of attack events, controls the traffic diversion strategy and cleaning strategy of the cleaning center, and classifies and views various attack events and attack traffic, and generates reports.
C. The main function of the cleaning center is to detect and analyze the DDoS attack traffic on the mirrored or split traffic, and provide the analysis data to the management center for judgment.
D. Firewalls can only be used as detection devices.
Answer: B

For the description of the DNS Request Flood attack, which of the following statement is correct?
A. The DNS Request Flood attack against the cache server can use redirection to verify the legitimacy of the source.
B. For the DNS Request Flood attack on the authorized server, the client can be triggered to send a DNS request in a TCP packet to verify the legitimacy of the source IP.
C. During the source authentication process, the firewall will trigger the client to send a DNS request in a TCP packet to verify the validity of the source IP, but it will consume the TCP connection resources of the DNS cache server to a certain extent.
D. Redirection can be implemented not only for the source IP address accessing the attacked domain name, but also for the destination IP address accessing the attacked domain name.
Answer: C

IPS is an intelligent intrusion detection and defense product. It can not only detect the occurrence of intrusion, but also suspend the occurrence and development of intrusion behaviors in real time through a certain response method, and protect the information system from substantial attacks in real time. Which of the following statements about IPS is false?
A. IPS is an intrusion detection system that can block intrusions in real time.
B. IPS makes IDS and firewall unified.
C. IPS must be deployed in bypass mode in the network.
D. The common IPS deployment mode is in-line deployment.
Answer: C

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