The transit industry is upgrading the payment infrastructure by embracing the latest technologies and deploying digital payments. AFCS, an integrated ticketing system, automates the ticketing at public transport networks like buses, metros, rails, etc., AFCS allows fast payment transactions and effective fare collection without much human intervention. It also provides merchants with a platform for better management.

AFCS involves multiple components that include Fare media, ticket vending machine, Fare gate, etc. We provide solutions to backend servers using which, one can configure, PTOs, Routes, Stops, Stations, Fare, Tickets, Passes, Devices, and Vehicles.

With proven payment experience, we help our clients in deploying AFC systems, where we develop software solutions for all the components and integrate them into one AFC system. Our solutions can support various fare media such as tokens, cards, and various technologies including NFC.

With AFC applications, commuters can purchase their tickets and recharge their tickets online. It accepts various payment methods like credit/debit cards, net baking, etc.,

Our solutions for AFC systems will allow no discrepancy that helps in accurate fare collection and prevents fraudulent actions.


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