The streamer with the most popularity Nba 2k22 Mt was given the WWE make-a-wrestler look in WWE 2K22 that has incredibly high detail to create an accurate Dr. Disrespect on the field. There are many streamers that have loyal fans, only a few have gained to the level of following Dr Disrespect after a full-on plunge into streaming in the year 2015.

The streamer who is a household name has become popular for his candid and flamboyant personality that has prompted his fans to follow him on Twitch to YouTube following his 2020 ban from Twitch. A fan has taken their love for Disrespect up a notch, though, with an extremely faithful version of WWE 2K22 due to the game's"create a wrestler" feature.

WWE 2K22 The latest WWE game from creator Visual Concepts as part of WWE's collaboration with 2K Games and the first since the denigrated WWE 2K20. Like the other WWE 2K games, players are able to switch back into the old modes, like the updated career option available in MyRISE.

2K Showcase, and the Universe. The game also sees the return of the general manager mode using MyGM and the addition of the MyFACTION mode, the latter of which uses character packs similar to previous NBA 2K games to build WWE factions.

Dr Disrespect was given life within mt nba 2k22 WWE 2K22 thanks to YouTuber MG21 who often posts content that features customized and altered wrestlers from 2K22. MG21 posted the video of their in-game Dr Disrespect, which captures the physical appearance of the streamer with great detail, from the red and black attire to the iconic Mullet.