As opposed to NBA 2K22 MT cross-platform, the cross-progression allows players to transfer their data and progress from one console , and then transfer it to another. This means you can play on one console, and pick up right where you started when you play it on another.

For NBA 2K22, players will be able to transfer all their game data across consoles from the next. However, there are a few points to be considered. NBA 2K22 can only allow cross-progression across consoles of similar families. For instance, you could transfer your progress from an Xbox 4 PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 5 however, you are not able to transfer your progress from the PlayStation 4 to an Xbox Series X.

NBA 2K22 Releasing the Zero Gravity Season 6 Agenda

New Zero Gravity Season 6 information is available, including what to expect from and the Agenda and the rewards that will be distributed every day for the next five weeks.

As Season 6 of Zero Gravity rolling on, NBA 2K22 is making sure that its players have plenty of games to play for. The new season began with three new Dark Matter cards, and there's more information coming out that will keep the MyTeam mode as popular as ever.

In the coming few weeks, participants Buy NBA 2K MT can advance their game for an overall total of 25 players. The progression starts with gold-tier units, and finishing with a Dark Matter card. Along with a brand-new collection pack along with a new locker codes, NBA 2K22 has pulled all the stops for Season 6 to take off and make it bigger than the previous season.