“All men cheat” is a myth that is extremely popular in society. In fact, fidelity does not depend on gender, is not inherited, but is determined by the conditions of upbringing and the personal choice of a particular person in a particular time period. And no matter what public opinion says, faithful men are not such a rarity.

Loyalty is a social, moral, ethical and even philosophical concept, and therefore it is relative: everyone puts something of their own into it. On the internal moral scales of one person, light flirting is already treason, and the other considers himself faithful if he maintains a spiritual attachment to one woman and at the same time has a lot of sexual contacts on the side, but without emotional investment. Therefore, concluding an alliance, one must first of all understand and determine what is loyalty for each of the partners, and what is treason.

In the traditional sense, fidelity excludes the possibility of extraneous relationships for both partners. And this is always a personal choice of a person, a decision that everyone makes for himself, and during his life he does this many times, based on a changing situation. How to understand what a pleasant decision your partner has made regarding you?

Psychologists often try to systematize the behavior of a man in cases of his fidelity and infidelity, but invariably come to the conclusion that each case is unique and attempts to classify everyone with the same brush is an erroneous approach. For example, some cheaters feel guilty and try to redeem it with increased attention and care. Other men, having changed, do not feel any guilt, therefore they do not make amends for anything, they behave callously towards their wife. So there is no universal algorithm to “calculate” fidelity. But there are signs by which, with varying degrees of confidence, it can be assumed that this man is currently faithful to this woman. All these signs are indirect, and characterize, rather, the type of man who is inclined to choose fidelity.

Every couple has a period of absolute, unquestionable fidelity. This is that romantic segment of stormy love, when thoughts and feelings are so fixed on one object that the psyche is simply not able to invest interest in someone else. And we can say for sure that at this moment the man is faithful. But time passes, the initial fireworks lose their brightness, there is a decrease in the emotional reaction to the usual stimulus, and absolute fixation on the object, and hence fidelity, becomes no longer so unconditional and obvious.

There is a category of men for whom cheating is a taboo in his internal moral code. "I don't want to change" is the mindset they live by. There are few of them, but they exist, and they consciously choose loyalty as a basic value in relationships. They do not want to break themselves by changing their own principle, therefore they do not have connections on the side of their own choice.

But for some men, their own taboo operates as long as they are internally convinced that they are in a relationship. Sometimes the union formally exists, but from the point of view of a man, the relationship has already been exhausted, which means that communication with another woman becomes possible.

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