Girmiti Team helps and works closely with the customers to understand the existing scope, current business scenarios, flows of the existing systems, to provide the consulting solutions to Build, Architect, Enhance Features, Design, Develop, Test, Automate, Deploy, UAT.


Few of the enhancements to be considered while implementing and where we have the expertise to help are as follows:

  • Personalize and issue EMV Chip card
  • Chip Card Features
  • Develop Card Interfaces– Contact and Contactless
  • Transaction Authorization
  • Transaction and PIN setting Rules
  • Card Verification Methods
  • Off-line PIN
  • On-line PIN
  • Signature
  • No CVM
  • PIN Management
  • Offline Transaction Authorization Risk Parameters
  • Authorization Processing
  • Issuer Scripts Processing
  • Interfaces with HCE cloud and SP TSM
  • Interfaces with Wallets
  • Interfaces with Tokenization
  • Implement HCE specification to get certified with above platforms

Systems that were built for customers and banks to use magstripe cards like Credit, Debit, Gift & Loyalty and Prepaid cards now need to be enhanced to support EMV for issuance systems and get certified with payment processors, switch networks, banks and payment associations.