The online casino has been operating for about fifteen years and is becoming increasingly popular. In 2022, there is a huge increase in fans of the game over the Internet. This trend was influenced by quarantine due to coronavirus infection. But there are other reasons to stop online. Consider the five advantages of remote gaming.


Getting into a serious casino is difficult. You need to have a special invitation, comply with the dress code, sign up for the game in advance, have recommendations or fulfill other conditions dictated by a particular gambling house. It's easier with clubs where vending machines are installed, but you will still depend on their mode of operation.

For these reasons, many gamblers choose to play through websites. You don't depend on anyone, you can play at any time of the day. Modern companies offer convenient and nimble developments for smartphones. You will not be tied to a desktop computer, but will be able to play at any time.

The main thing is to choose a quality product, as well as a reliable company with a good reputation. We recommend to get started with useful information here

Large assortment

For fans of diversity, the most important advantage of a remote game is a wide range of entertainment. No casino can surprise you with the presence of all kinds of games. Firstly, it is simply impossible to buy such a quantity of equipment, and secondly, it is not a fact that your favorite machine will be free at the right moment for you. As a rule, a good assortment of a ground club is considered to have one hundred slots and several tables to choose from.

Everything is easier on the Internet. Many companies offer more than 500 types of slot machines and additionally other entertainment. You will definitely not be bored, and you will be able to stay in the same company for a long time.

The most popular entertainment on the web:

- story slots;
- world famous fruits;
- real-time game play;
- arcades;
- skill games.

Imagine, you can play several games at the same time! No classic casino will be able to offer you this. All you need is to install multiple browsers or open different windows. You can even use two monitors or play from a PC and a smartphone at once.

And you can also try your hand on the Internet absolutely for free, use the “Demo game" function. Check if fortune smiles at you without losses.

Unique bonuses and jackpots

Classic gambling establishments sometimes encourage regular customers. It can be a gift to VIP-persons, a free dinner or drinks at the expense of the institution and other interesting chips. But all this is incomparable with the generous offers of companies on the Internet. Most likely, it's a matter of competition. Each site tries to stand out in its own way, and many newcomers immediately respond to bonuses. What can they offer you:

- play for free immediately after registration;
- free ticket for filling out the questionnaire;
- bonus amount for the first deposit;
- seasonal promotions;
- interesting tournaments;
- rewards for daily play;
- profitable affiliate programs.
But the main prize is a huge jackpot that can fall randomly at any time.


Stationary casinos have a security service, a checkpoint and video surveillance cameras. But they are responsible for visitors only inside the institution, and what will happen after he leaves the hall is unknown. Unfavorable situations often happened. For example, a visitor managed to win a large amount of money, but it was problematic to bring cash to the bank. On the way, he was met by intruders.

Playing over the Internet has advantages in this regard, because you can transfer your won money, even very large amounts, to the card. You should not worry about personal data. Special programs detect suspicious activity on the account or login from another device.


You can use the currency that is convenient for you. Ukrainians can choose the hryvnia, and residents of Russia - the ruble. If desired, you can play for dollars, euros, and even cryptocurrency. By the way, the latter is in increasing demand.

We also note a large selection of options for the transaction.

Standard Set:

- bank cards;
- electronic wallets;
- mobile services;
- bank transfers.
The more popular the casino, the more options there are.

Interesting statistics

- The first online casinos appeared about fifteen years ago, and every year they become more and more in demand and popular, gradually displacing the land-based sector. Statistics will tell you about this trend without further ado.

- According to H2 Gambling Capital, last year (2021) the share of mobile gambling was 42.6%;
- Every year since 2016, the online segment will melt by 5.7%. Worldwide Gambling Market believes that most likely this indicator will only increase over the years.
- The Juniper Research Center conducted an interesting study. According to his calculations, the volume of bets in remote mode in 2022 will amount to one trillion dollars!
- Also, the British research center Juniper Research has calculated the number of player accounts, 684 million gamblers will play in 2022.
- The iGB Research Center has calculated the turnover of the iGaming market, imagine, in 2023 it will amount to 37 billion euros.

It can be concluded that this direction will only develop.