Supplement Name - Lean Gene

Benefits - Weight Loss and Enhance Metabolism

Key Ingredients - Yerba Mate, Cinnamon Bark Extract

Product Form - Pills

Age Range - Above 18

Side Effects - No major side effects reported

Net Quantity - 1 Bottle Have 60 Pills

Results - 60 to 90 Days

Price - $59

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Lean Gene is an effective weight loss supplement. Lean Gene It works on the principle of a specific gene controlling weight loss. The science-backed Lean Gene formula can activate the resting metabolism and help us lose weight without having to give up our favorite foods. It can be difficult to lose weight, especially if it is not easy to find the right place. There are many "online gurus" that can help you lose weight through diets or other similar methods. Lean Gene What many people don't realize is that diets and similar methods can have adverse effects on your health.Supplements are better than Lean Gene Weight Loss Supplement dieting methods, and Lean Gene is one of the best. This weight loss supplement targets the UPC2 gene, which increases your resting metabolism. You can then lose weight quickly.

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