The public beta of Amazon Games' New World ended in the early hours of Monday. We saw impressive traffic in this short window, peaking at 141,000 concurrent players on day one, a pretty impressive number, yet the game couldn't sustain it. is the most popular third-party website for selling New World Coins. can not only provide you with a large number of preferential New World Coins, but also provide you with 24/7 online customer service. Here are the biggest discounts for buying New World Coins. If you have any problems in the trading process of, they will solve it for you in time.

certainly. Let players test the boundaries of the game is the purpose of the open beta. One New World player seemed to take this literally and found the edge of the map to reveal to us what would happen if the player went out of bounds.

A Reddit user named Glorf_Warlock uploaded a short video on Reddit about the boundaries of the game. In the video we can see New World Coins Buy that the character is approaching a translucent glowing yellow wall, which is set to be the edge of the game world. When they reach the other side, their lives quickly fade away, disappearing completely in about two seconds until they fall to the ground. While they can be resurrected by other players, it is unlikely that any player will be there to help him.

While the developers of New World could prohibit the player from passing through the border wall like many games, they allowed the player to pass through but gave them a short time to escape, which is a bit harsh. Obviously, many players don't accidentally wander among the giant glowing yellow walls.

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