Talking about non-diluted alcohol, today the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India will state the harmful effects of drinking non-diluted ‘Whisky’ alcohol which is also one of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverages which go ahead and have at least 350 million litres of pure alcohol in it and is produced every year for consumption. It is known to be the favourite of alcohol lovers with it having a delicious flavour and mixed with a ton of complex aromas as well which indeed makes the drink very enjoyable to drink with and without the mixers as well. The Alcohol rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, however adds that some of the aficionados of whisky states that it is better to intake it as non-diluted with no ice, water or any other kind of mixer, where the indication to it in terms of health is absolutely hazardous. Thus, stating some of the hazardous effects of drinking ‘whisky’ ‘neat’ are as follows:

  • Alcohol poisoning is one of the major issues where the alcohol quantity in it goes up to 40% and is aged at least up to 3 years, where scotch tends to be even stronger than whiskey with the alcohol quantity to be 50% high. Hence, when one has the tendency to drink without non-diluting the drink, it is much easier for them to drink the whole quantity in a short period of time which increases the risk of over-indulging and the occurrence of alcohol poisoning inside the body. Alcohol poisoning thus is occured when the body does not have the capacity to intake any more alcohol, however still the individual has the tendency to consume more alcohol even if the process turns highly dangerous where the process can land up in confusion, vomiting, irregular breathing, seizures, hypothermia and also can cause loss of blood.
  • The occurrence of impaired judgement may also take place where one can become inebriated and may suffer from impaired judgement which can make you take risky actions and irritation and impulsive decisions. Thus, one must always know to take things slow and thus end things there.
  • One of the most common thing which is observed and is a long-term risk is cirrhosis of the liver where the liver starts to for a scar tissue which have the tendency to become hard making the blood flow through the liver very hard which eventually lands up in building of toxins inside the bloodstreams where at times liver transplant is also required.
  • One may also become an addict, where the taste of non-diluted drink can make them feel and taste good, thus they oftenly start their preference with them and then become absolutely addicted to it.

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